A little gem of a book !

Perfect for frantically busy entrepreneurs who need a practical and fun steer in taking stock of their growing business, in order to maximise business opportunities ahead .Great to dip in and out of for those of us lacking in time who need really robust guidance and advice.

A particularly good section on Building a Consultancy Practice, which I would advise anyone who is considering the consultancy route to read before doing taking the leap into a very competitive market place – as well as those running established consultancies who looking to grow.

By Fiona Schafer
A must read!!

David is a wonderful mentor, trusted adviser and friend. I’ve turned to him often as a sounding board. His latest of three books has helped me come to terms with ‘letting go’ and trusting others to help me grow the business. I am still on the ‘journey’ and with David’s latest of three books by my side am more resourced than I ever thought possible.

Packed full of thought-provoking questions and rich with insightful tips, it is a must for anyone taking the next step up to build a successful consultancy practice. All David’s wonderful gold nuggets of advice are neatly packaged here. A must read!!

By Caroline Sheridan
This book is a must for those of us who don’t have the time or motivation to wade through long drawn out chapters

David knows how to engage the reader and keep our learning focused on the topic in hand. It’s full of practical help and comprehensive advice to enable you to map out the next part of your business journey and take it to the next level.
The author covers every angle you can imagine; asks the right questions and makes you look at the right options.

By Lisa Capaldi
An invaluable tool

As I grow my consultancy business I have found David Mellor’s “Commander of the Fleet” an invaluable tool. His pragmatic approach makes the whole process much easier. It is a book you can dip into when you need specific guidance, and that is what I need as a business leader.

By Andrew Pullman