If you are setting up your own consultancy business this is THE book for you!

“A Privateer’s Tale” is full of practical advice that will accelerate your successful transition from employee to sole practitioner. David has produced numerous checklists, diagrams and quotes which will help you see quickly see ‘what good looks like’. I only wish this book had been published when I first started, I could have avoided many mistakes, lots of frustration and much wasted time. This is THE handbook for anyone starting out on the journey of being a sole practitioner.

Dr Clifford J Ferguson, Managing Partner
Great Health Check for your business

An excellent health check and guide. Made me think “Am I in good shape?” and “Am I going in the right direction?” 10/10. If you have only 10 minutes to spare then read and use pages 69 – “Good-to-go” and 145 – 10 Habits of Top Consultants and then take a look in the mirror.

Jamie Johnson, Managing Director at JFR Training Ltd
Great approach

What I really liked about A Privateer’s Tale was the honesty and way you are led through the “minefield” of becoming a sole practitioner . Great approach and real life stories and experiences that you can relate to in order to make the successful transition. Job well done David!

By Dick Haynes, Managing Director at Haynes Financial Ltd
If you wish to start a business as a consultant, this book is for you

If you wish to start a business as a consultant, then this book is for you. David Mellor has a wealth of knowledge and experience he shares generously. What’s incredibly useful is his book is free of jargon, easy to read and therefore readily accessible when you wish to refer back to key points.

By John Coupland, e-Business Professional