#13: Business skills inventory

Now we know the key characteristics of a successful business, which we covered in my previous article, it is now a good time to take stock of our Business Skills Inventory; bearing in mind we have in all likelihood left a business world where we had developed specialised functional skills.

Now, this piece is very important. One of my famous lists is to be found below, one of many found in From Crew to Captain.  What I suggest you do is go through the list as an inventory and don’t cheat – be honest – and ask yourself; “is that something I can do?”

If not, is it something that would be sensible to invest in and receive training for, or would it benefit more from being outsourced to someone else?

If you actually duck any of them, or persuade yourself that you can do it when in fact you can’t, it may well prove to be the “Achilles Heel“ of your business, and come back and haunt you at a later stage.

DMM 13 DMM 13.2

Having created your business skills inventory, you should now have a clear picture of how you can move forward and develop your business. In my next article, we will start looking at the relevance of this.

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