#4: Part Four: Delivering consultancy services

In the previous article I outlined the second of the 3 constituent components of the consultancy framework, namely Selling Consultancy Services. This time I will do the same for the third constituent component, namely Delivering Consultancy Services.

In terms of Delivering Consultancy Services, you will recall that you would firstly concentrate on retaining high value clients; you would then move on to consider the importance of personal branding; and finally you would review some of the main “do’s and don’ts” of the consultancy game.

Retaining high value clients is the easiest way to create a stable, predictable baseline cash flow.

  • Your first issue would be ensuring that you follow a delivery process that creates happy clients; this in turn would increase the likelihood that they come back for more, and refer other potential clients to you.
  • The second issue is building trusted relationships; in many ways you are selling trust, which when allied to your relationship-building skills becomes a very powerful tool.
  • The third issue is having an appropriate bag of tools – toolkits, frameworks, methodologies that enable you to continue to demonstrate that you are adding value (clients have a habit of forgetting the difference you have made).

The advent of social media has made it very important that you work on your personal branding. The coherence of your image, wherever you are encountered in the real or virtual world, is critical to your success.  And this needs to be reflected in your approach to sales (and the attributes of a good salesperson) and to networking (which is about building relationships and promoting your business, not selling!).

Finally, in terms off “do’s and don’ts”, it is helpful to keep in mind some of the practical tips and hints that will be value builders in your business as opposed to value destroyers. Spend some time identifying the top habits of people you consider to be successful consultants. Also keep an eye out for strategies that clearly look disastrous. And finally retain a hunger for collecting time management tips, which will help you work smarter not harder.

As we continue to build our consultancy framework we will expand on all of these initiatives. For more information or answers to any questions you may have on this, feel free to contact me.

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