#4: Start-up mentoring

When starting your own business it’s important to have the right attitude and mindset which can be enhanced through finding the right mentor.

Start-up Attitude and Mindset

I have repeatedly seen with other people that if you have the right attitude and mindset to make the adjustment, and you also have a business idea that makes sense, then normally it’s a case not of whether you are going to be successful but how long it is going to take. If people have ticked both those boxes and then applied themselves the right way, with 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration, they eventually make their own luck and things start happening for them; the big question is how long it will take, and can you fund yourself for that period of time.

Business Mentoring

I have seen a direct correlation between people who employ some kind of mentor and people who don’t, in terms of their success as they go down this route. People who have a mentor from day one seem to find it easier generally to get going than people who don’t. It can be different things for different people depending on you, the business you are going into, the business skills you have and so on. It could be somebody you already know, where there is a significant level of mutual trust and respect, where you can open up to this person in confidence and where they can be that wise head or wise old owl whom you can use as an impartial sounding board. This person could be found in your social network or in your existing business network, such as LinkedIn.

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